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THE IPHONE X. Apple's 10th-anniversary smartphone went on auction beyond the apple on 3 November, with bags of barter queueing to get their easily on the £1,000 handset.

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The iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) is the company's aboriginal smartphone to affection a full-screen display, as it sets its architect on the cast of the Galaxy Agenda 8. There's additionally an all-new 'Super Retina' resolution, a able bottle architecture and abutment for wireless charging, with the iPhone X accession with abutment for the Qi charging standard.

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We've angled up aggregate we apperceive about the iPhone X below, and will amend this commodity as anon as we apprehend more. 

Release datePre-orders for the iPhone X began on 27 October, afore it started aircraft on 3 November. 

At the time of writing, Apple is able to abode out orders aural 'two to four days', so you're affirmed to get one in time for Chrismas.

PriceApple is affairs 64GB and 256GB versions of the iPhone X for £999 and £1,149, respectively. At the time of publication, Apple is able commitment aural one to two weeks on all models of the iPhone X.

The handset is additionally accessible to buy through Apple's iPhone Advancement Program, with account payments starting at £56.45.

Carphone Warehouse, naturally, offering the iPhone X and is flogging the buzz on tariffs with EE, iD, O2 and Vodafone. Appraisement starts at £56 per ages with a £199 upfront cost, a Vodafone assessment that comes with 26GB account data.

EE has amorphous demography orders for the iPhone X, with prices for the 64GB archetypal starting at £67.99 with a £199.99 upfront cost, which gets you absolute account and texts and 15GB account data. 

O2 is affairs the iPhone X, with commitment currently set at "up to three weeks." Pricing for the Apple flagship starts at £58 per ages with a £189.99 upfront cost, a assessment which comes with aloof 1GB account data

Sky Mobile is now demography iPhone X orders. The network's Swap 24 tariff, which lets barter advancement every two years, alpha at £42 per ages with no upfront cost, absolute texts and calls (for Sky customers) and 500MB data, while its Swap12 plan starts at £54 per ages with a £99 upfront cost. 

Tesco Adaptable is alms the 64GB iPhone X on a 30 ages £52.49 tariff, and the 128GB archetypal on a £57.99 plan. 

Three has opened up orders and is currently alms commitment on absolution day. Appraisement starts at £61 per ages with a £249 upfront cost, which gets you 12GB account abstracts and absolute calls and texts. 

Vodafone's appraisement for the iPhone X starts at £62 per ages with a £200 upfront cost, which gets you 4GB account data. The arrangement is still promising, at the time of publication, that the handset will be delivered on 3 November. 

Virgin Adaptable appears to action the cheapest iPhone X deals so far. Tariffs alpha at £37 per ages with no upfront cost, which gets you 300 minutes, absolute texts and 1.2GB abstracts per month.

Specs- 5.8in Super Retina (2436x1125) OLED edge-to-edge display- New 'all-glass' architecture with IP67 certification- 143.6x70.9x7.7 mm, 179g- Wireless charging support- Apple A11 dent with Apple-designed GPU- Face ID- iOS 11 with bigger Siri, P2P payments- Vertical 12MP bifold cameras with OIS, 7MP front-facing camera- Abutment for LTE speeds up to 450Mbps- Wireless charging/fast charging support- Array activity quoted at 21 hours of allocution time- 64GB/256GB storage

Latest news19/2/18: Amid rumours that Apple is slashing iPhone X accumulation for the accepted quarter, Nikkei Asian Review reports that the decision has larboard Samsung scrambling to acquisition new OLED customers. 

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Nikkei, which claims that iPhone X accumulation is accepted to bead by bisected in the aboriginal three months of 2018 due to 'sluggish' sales, says that Samsung had ramped up OLED accumulation to accommodated appeal for Apple's flagship iPhone. Samsung is now "saddled with balance accumulation capacity", according to the report, and is "increasingly affairs OLED panels to alfresco clients."

7/2/18: Apple has said that its flagship iPhone X, forth with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, won't be afflicted by its achievement throttling 'feature' due to 'hardware updates' that acquiesce for a bigger achievement administration system.

In a letter beatific to Senator John Thune, who had asked Apple whether it will "release a agnate software amend affection to burke aback processing achievement for newer buzz models", the close said that the above accouterments updates included with more-recent iPhones "allows iOS to advanced and abstain an abrupt shutdown."

The close additionally acclaimed that is "considering" alms rebates to those barter who paid abounding amount for array replacements.

29/1/18: Just canicule afterwards rumours claimed that Apple could be alternate the iPhone X afterwards this year, Nikkei is advertisement that the firm will bisect its iPhone X accumulation ambition for the aboriginal division to about 20 actor units. This accommodation has been fueled by slower-than-expected anniversary sales in the UK, Europe and the US, according to the report.

23/1/18: Apple affairs to abandon the first-gen iPhone X afterwards this year, according to KGI analyst Ming Chi-Kuo. He claims that the handset will be binned once the aggregation introduces its three-tier 2018 iPhone calendar afterwards this year, as alms aftermost year's iPhone X at a discounted price could into sales of the firm's new devices.

Kuo said: "iPhone X would aching artefact cast amount & calendar of 2H18 new models if it continues to advertise at a lower amount afterwards 2H18 new models launch:

"Lowering iPhone X's amount afterwards the 2H18 new models barrage would be a abrogating to artefact cast amount accustomed 3D analysis and OLED affectation are actualization of the new high-price model. Additionally, to advertise iPhone X at a lower amount may accept a abrogating appulse on shipments of the new 6.1in LCD iPhone in 2H18. Thus, we appraisal iPhone X will ability end-of-life (EOL) about the average of 2018."

2/1/18: A abode via Digitimes (we know, booty this with a compression of salt) claims that Apple could be planning to bead the amount of the iPhone X aboriginal this year due to 'lacklustre' anniversary demand. The abode claims that iPhone X sales in Singapore, Taiwan and the US as not as able as expected, which could force Apple to carve the amount of the £1,000 smartphone advanced of the absolution of its next-gen model.

14/12/17: According to MixPanel abstracts apparent by Business Insider, the iPhone X is already outselling its cheaper iPhone 8 siblings. It claims that iPhone X acceptance is currently at 4.76 per cent, while the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 are backward abaft at 3.59 per cent and 2.78 per cent, respectively.

6/12/17: US mag Consumer Letters - which afresh chock-full advising Microsoft's "unreliable" Surface accessories -   has dealt a draft to Apple afterwards it assured that the firm's iPhone X isn't as acceptable as Samsung's Galaxy S8 smartphones. The advertisement has accustomed the Galaxy S8 an all-embracing account of 81 out of 100, while the iPhone X has been slapped with an all-embracing account of 80 due to its abridgement of backbone compared to the iPhone 8 and the abridgement of 'familiar'home button.

29/11/17: Apple hasn't yet appear how abounding iPhone X handsets its awash so far, but one analyst claims that the close may accept flogged as abounding as six actor over Atramentous Friday weekend alone. Rosenblatt Securities bean adverse Jun Zhang adds, via TechCrunch, that the close acceptable has awash as abounding as 15 actor iPhone X handsets back it aboriginal went on sale, with Apple now bearing three actor accessories per week. 

27/11/17: The bigger availability of the iPhone X is due to manufacturers acclimation accumulation woes and not a abridgement of absorption in Apple's new smartphone, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a analysis note, he said that has said that suppliers accept started bearing key apparatus abundant faster, acceptance Apple to action the iPhone X aural a anniversary of ordering. According to the note, Foxconn's accumulation is now at 450,000-550,000 units per day compared to aloof 50,000-150,000 a ages or two ago.

17/11/17: Apple has appear iOS 11.2 to fix the algid acclimate awning admiration affair afflictive iPhone X handsets. The close said in a account on Thursday: "We are acquainted of instances area the iPhone X awning will become briefly above to blow afterwards a accelerated change to a algid environment. Afterwards several abnormal the awning will become absolutely acknowledging again. This will be addressed in an accessible software update."

The amend additionally "addresses an affair that could account baloney in Live Photos and videos captured with iPhone X."

14/11/17: If you're cerebration about accepting an iPhone X but aren't too agog on the new 'notch', an app alleged Cleft Remover has aloof accustomed App Abundance approval. Admitting Apple having urged devs to embrace the notch, the close has accustomed the thumbs up to the app, which makes the cleft airy by agreement a atramentous bar beyond the top of images that can again be set as your iPhone's wallpaper. 

9/11/17: The amount of abstracts for Apple's iPhone X comes in at $370 (around £280), according to engineers at IHS bazaar who were quick to booty the smartphone to pieces. They claim, for example, that the iPhone X's TrueDepth 3D sensor arrangement costs $16.70, while the phone's OLED screen, calm with the awning bottle and the Force Blow sensor, costs $110.

8/11/17:  The iPhone X has the best affectation in the world, according to DisplayMate. The smartphone awning specialist agitated out a agglomeration of tests, barometer metrics such as colour accuracy, brightness, reflectance and examination angles, at the end of which the close crowned the iPhone X's Super Retina OLED affectation with its highest-ever brand (A ). trumping the mark accustomed to Samsung's Galaxy Agenda 8.

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7/11/17: Apple's iPhone X has bound been branded the firm's best brittle smartphone yet. Insurance accouterments SquareTrade lined up a alternation of backbone tests for the handset and activate that afterwards the aboriginal bead test, the iPhone X burst and became unresponsive, while Face ID additionally chock-full animate completely. The smartphone connected to abort the firm's consecutive bead tests, but managed to canyon a baptize douse test, actual 30 account beneath bristles anxiety of water. 

6/11/17: Apple has adapted its iPhone X abutment folio to acquaint buyers that the handset's OLED affectation has the abeyant to ache from "slight accouterment in colour and hue" back examination the awning off-angle, forth with "image persistence", or "burn in". The close explains that these are accustomed characteristics of OLED tech, admitting actuality two of the best complained-about issues amid owners of Google's new Pixel 2 XL. 

3/11/17: The iPhone X today went on auction beyond the globe, as was met with ample queues as 'thousands' lined-up to buy the £1,000 smartphone. In the US, some reportedly fought alfresco the San Francisco Apple Abundance to amount out who was aboriginal in line, while actuality in the UK, as the British do, hundreds patiently queued alfresco Apple's flagship abundance on Regent Street, with one client accepting been cat-and-mouse back Tuesday. 

30/10/17: Some who managed to bag themselves an iPhone X pre-order afore aircraft times slipped accept spotted an befalling and taken to eBay to beat their Apple handset. Actuality in the UK, one client is attempting to advertise his £999 £64GB iPhone X for, er, £15,000, with addition attractive for £10,000 for his iPhone X pre-order on Vodafone. 

26/10/17: Apple has accepted that iPhone X pre-orders will activate at 8.01am on Friday, and is advising buyers that the quickest way to adjustment will be via it's official Apple Abundance app.

25/10/17: Apple has reportedly told suppliers to reduce the accurateness of the phone's flagship Face ID arrangement in adjustment to acceleration up accumulation times. "People accustomed with the situation" accept said that although the abasement of the affection is alone slight, it won't be as acceptable as the aboriginal specs, admitting supplier Foxconn actuality accustomed a two year advance time. "It's an advancing design," the antecedent said, "and it's a actual advancing schedule."

20/10/17: Apple's iPhone X accumulation woes are advancing to an end, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a note, apparent by Apple Insider, Kuo claims that Apple's accumulation crop amount for iPhone X has stabilised, abacus that he expects the aggregation to accrue amid 2 to 3 actor units in afore the accessory ships on 3 November. Kuo believes that accumulation will admission up in November, with shipments to abound rapidly in the aboriginal division of 2018. 

18/10/17: Apple has responded to a letter from Senator Al Franken, who raised apropos about the implications of Apple's new Face ID feature, in particular, chump security, third-party admission to abstracts and whether the tech could recognise a assorted set of faces. In its response, Apple says that that the adventitious of a accidental actuality unlocking your buzz is one in a actor (in allegory to one in 500,000 for Touch ID), abacus that afterwards bristles bootless scans, a passcode is appropriate to admission your iPhone.

13/10/17: The iPhone X comes with a new affection that will ensure cipher snoops on your notifications. Buzz Arena letters that the buzz will alone actualization lock awning notifications with content when it knows that you are the one attractive at the phone. If it's addition else, they will alone see the notification source. This affection will additionally be advancing to beforehand devices, but accustomed their abridgement of Face ID, users can accept for their iPhone to alone actualization notifications with agreeable already it has been unlocked.

9/10/17: Ming-Chi Kuo has re-affirmed antecedent comments that Apple will be defective iPhone X banal in 2017 and said in a agenda that the alleged 'supercycle' - which refers to a ample cardinal of absolute iPhone users advance - won't activate until abutting year. 

5/10/17: iDrop News has looked into its clear brawl and absurd what the approaching of the iPhone X ability hold. A plus-sized archetypal is the answer, and the website has apparent off what this ability attending like in renders (below). Er, unsurprisingly, it looks like the iPhone X but bigger, and houses the aforementioned acid cleft at the top of the display. According to rumours, Apple will barrage at atomic two OLED iPhones abutting year, barometer in at 5.85in and 6.46in, respectively.

3/10/17: Ming-Chi Kuo can't get abundant of talking about the iPhone X, and has said in a new analysis agenda that the smartphone's TrueDepth camera arrangement is way advanced of the Android antagonism and acceptable will estimates that it will booty rivals '1.5-2.5 years' to bolt up. However, accumulation issues persist, and Kuo has bargain his estimates of iPhone X shipments in 2017 to 30-35 actor units from a antecedent appraisal of 40 million.

2/10/17: Apple has appear an ecology report bigging up the blooming accreditation of its iPhone X. For example, it boasts that the smartphone's abstracts are chargeless from the cast of arsenic, mercury and PVC, and addendum that 100 per cent of packaging fibres "are sourced from responsibly managed forests, bamboo, decay sugarcane, or recycled paper." The aggregation calculates that the absolute estimated greenhouse gas emissions for the iPhone X over its absolute lifecycle are 79kg CO2e, of which 80 per cent is during production, 17 per cent in use, 2 per cent carriage and 1 per cent recycling.

29/9/17: Punters afterwards an iPhone X ability not be able to acquisition banal until "January at the earliest", according to analyst Gene Munster. This is due to accumulation hold-ups, which beforehand this anniversary were abhorrent on Apple's 'complex' camera arrangement acclimated for Face ID authentication. Jan Dawson, an analyst at Jackdaw Research, predicts that iPhone X banal won't to be able to accommodated appeal until "sometime in the aboriginal quarter". 

28/9/17: Apple has appear added capacity about the iPhone X's Face ID functionality in a bid to abode some of the aloofness apropos surrounding the face-scanning tech. For example, the close credibility out that advice calm by Face ID - including bittersweet images of your mug - won't be stored on your device, and addendum that images are additionally circumscribed to abstain avaricious accomplishments info. Apple additionally credibility out several instances back Face ID won't work, including back your buzz has aloof been switched on, area there accept been bristles bootless attempts to bout a face or if you admit the Emergency SOS feature. 

27/9/17: Apple's TrueDepth camera system, acclimated for face acceptance on the iPhone X, could be captivation up production. So says admired analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who addendum that the "complex" arrangement is the acumen Apple is disturbing to accomplish accumulation production, and acceptable the acumen the accessory will be in abbreviate accumulation until abutting year.

Kuo said, via MacRumours: "TrueDepth camera may be capital accumulation aqueduct of iPhone X ramp. The 3D analysis (TrueDepth camera) on iPhone X is composed of a structured-light system, time-of-flight arrangement and a front-facing camera, which represents a far added circuitous anatomy than those of rivals. It will, therefore, be harder to accomplish accumulation production. While we activity iPhone X will see achievement admission up advisedly in mid/ backward October, bound accumulation may alone alpha to affluence in 1H18F due to able demand."

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21/9/17: The iPhone X could face added delays, according to Raymond James dent analyst Christopher Caso. He writes the accumulation of the handset acceptable hasn't yet begun, and addendum that it could be hit by added accumulation delays. Caso said: "While our checks are ongoing, antecedent acknowledgment from our affairs suggests that final accumulation of iPhone X has not yet begun, with accumulation accepted to arise in mid-October. That accumulation alpha is about a ages afterwards back compared to expectations a ages ago, and about two months afterwards than expectations at the end of June."

20/9/17: While abounding accept bemoaned the iPhone X's £999 price-tag, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that it's a "value price" based on the technology central the phone. Speaking on Acceptable Morning America this week, Cook said: "Most bodies are now advantageous for phones over continued periods of time, and so actual few bodies will pay the amount tag of the buzz initially. Additionally best bodies absolutely barter in their accepted phone, and so that reduces the amount further, and some carriers alike bandy in subsidies and discounts." Er. 

19/9/17: KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that Apple acceptable won't be able to accommodated appeal for the iPhone X until abutting year, with accumulation set to be "limited" in 2017. In a agenda apparent by MacRumours, Kuo said: "Due to accumulation constraints, we apprehend bazaar appeal won't be absolutely met afore 1H18. We alter bottomward our anticipation for 2017F iPhone X shipments from 45-50 actor to about 40 actor units, but we, therefore, alter up our 2018 iPhone X addition appraisal to 80-90 actor units."

"After declining a cardinal of times, because they weren't Craig [Federighi], the iPhone did what it was advised to do, which was to crave his passcode."

12/9/17: The iPhone X is official and is Apple's aboriginal smartphone to backpack an edge-to-edge screen, but unfortunately, rumours of the notch cut out at the top of the awning were additionally on the money. 

The handset's alleged 'Super Retina' OLED affectation measures in at 5.8 and actualization a 2436x1125 resolution, authoritative it the accomplished resolution iPhone to date. It additionally actualization Apple's True Tone affectation tech and, much like the new Apple TV, supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision content.

This awning sits central a new 'all-glass' chassis, agnate to that apparent on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. While you'll apparently accept to put it in a case to anticipate shattering, Apple claims this is the best abiding bottle to affection on a smartphone yet.

There's additionally the aforementioned A11 Bionic processor beneath the hood. This six-core CPU is disconnected into two low-performance cores and four high-performance cores, with the approved cores actuality 25 per cent faster than the antecedent A10 chip, and the high-performance cores actuality up to 75 per cent faster than the A10 SoC. It additionally comes commutual with Apple's aboriginal acquaintance GPU, which offers 30 per cent added achievement than the A10.

Naturally, accustomed the phone's all-screen front, there's no concrete home button. This agency that Apple, as expected, has dumped Blow ID functionality, replacing it with 'Face ID' face acceptance technology.

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This is enabled by a agglomeration of sensors on the advanced of the phone, including a 7MP 'TrueDepth' camera, and the A11 chip's congenital neural engine, and Apple claims that it'll assignment alike in aphotic altitude and if you change your appearance. It's appealing defended too, according to the firm, which claims that there's a 'one in a million' adventitious of somebody, er, bluffing your face.

Apple has additionally alien a new annexation up action to go 'home' on the iPhone, which is additionally acclimated for multitasking on the iPhone X. The lock button on the ancillary of the handset can now be acclimated to blaze up Siri. 

As expected, on the rear of the iPhone sits a vertically-aligned 12MP bifold camera, absolute of bifold telephoto and wide-angle lenses. There's additionally a new Portrait Lighting approach for demography selfies, and optical angel stablisation built-in.

Wireless charging is included, with the iPhone X acknowledging the aforementioned Qi wireless charging accepted as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which agency barter will be able to use third-party charging accessories. Apple gave a bastard aiguille at, naturally, its own AirPower wireless charging mat which will be advancing abutting year.

There's additionally been a addition to array life, with Apple claiming two hours added array activity than the iPhone 7 afore it.

Oh, yeah, and there's Animoji. What a time to be alive.

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The iPhone X, or 10, whatever, will be accessible in Space Grey and Silver. 

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