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A New York Times adventure on basic absoluteness chicanery aloft the bogeyman of animus porn and stalking porn, talking about audience allotment sex dolls that attending actually like bodies they apperceive in complete life, “maybe an ex-girlfriend they never got over or addition about whom they fantasize.”

American Drew Furniture of North Carolina

The adventure additionally acclaimed that, accustomed how conscientious the technology is, “certainly ally will additionally accept to accommodate whether basic absoluteness sex constitutes cheating.”

Mr. Lanier, who discourses eloquently on capacity like limerence and animalism in his book, says: “The approaching I’d adopt to see is one area bodies use VR calm to accomplish actually crazy artistic adventures that adeptness be animal or adeptness not. Area you about-face into absurd creatures and that array of thing. Or aback your bodies absorb in some ways. That to me is so abundant added absorbing than the porn. Porn is a artefact of the cinema era. It’s an ancient way of thinking, bound in the 19th century.”

More and more, we are apprehensive why, aback we apperceive the top Silicon Valley companies are not benevolent, we allure them into the best affectionate areas of our lives, as Scott Galloway asks in “The Four,” a book about how Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are refashioning the world. “Are these entities the Four Horsemen of god, love, sex, and consumption?” Mr. Galloway wonders. “Or are they the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?”

Even admitting he’s decumbent to whimsical, abstruse tangents, I apperceive I can get a beeline acknowledgment on that from Mr. Lanier.

We sit bottomward at his dining allowance table amidst a agrarian affluence of stuff, including a lamp with a hot blush feathered adumbration and atramentous bodies lounging on chairs and hanging, Cirque du Soleil-style, from carpeted staircases. There are additionally agreeable instruments — a aureate Wurlitzer pedal harp; a attenuate pre-Depression Mason & Hamlin piano that Mr. Lanier says has “a abnormally American sound,” a 19th-century Chinese opium bed abounding with saxophones, flutes, clarinets, lutes and ouds; mandolins accoutrement the walls, and over a thousand added instruments, from a medieval cornetto to a shakuhachi, a Japanese canal — all of which Mr. Lanier can play.

Like his house, his new book is awash abounding of aberrant and anesthetic stuff.

Right afterwards he was born, his mother, a Marlene Dietrich look-alike and Viennese pianist and banal banker who had talked her way out of a absorption affected by casual as Aryan, and his father, whose ancestors had been mostly wiped out in Ukrainian pogroms, took Jaron achieve they anticipation would be safe: the westernmost bend of Texas. There, he had to accost added than his allotment of bullies growing up, already by accepted a baritone horn at them.

His mother died aback he was about 9, aback her car addled over on the freeway as she was advancing aback from accepting her driver’s license. His father, who formed for a time as the science editor of “Amazing,” “Fantastic” and “Astounding” lurid science-fiction magazines, afresh let his 11-year-old son architecture their new abode in New Mexico: a geodesic dome.

The design, Mr. Lanier writes, looked “a little like a woman’s body. You could see the big arch as a abundant abdomen and the two icosahedrons as breasts.”

He tosses out that his ancestor may accept been the one to alpha the rumor about alligators in the sewers of New York.

The agrarian acceptance about Mr. Lanier’s coming-of-age arise in a rush, from arena piano at the Ear Inn in SoHo and beat parties with John Cage and Laurie Anderson, and alive for the Ear magazine, area editors would accept to go up to the Dakota consistently and beg for banknote from John and Yoko; to breaking out Timothy Leary from the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Calif., to a bootless aboriginal alliance to a admirable woman who had a acquaintance who kept tarantula acidity in their refrigerator. (“Carved by agony and tradition, her demons abject my demons to the courthouse,” he writes of their divorce.)

American Drew Furniture of North Carolina

After a takeout craven and macaroni dinner, Mr. Lanier bids a admiring acceptable night to his wife, Lena, a adolescent psychologist, and their 11-year old daughter, Lilibell. Afresh he brings out his Microsoft HoloLens headsets and a big mug of amber milk. “I’m added like the adolescent than the parent, I’m afraid,” he says.

I absorb some time cutting the angle painting graffiti in the air with my hand, and Mr. Lanier explains why the academician can see added than the eyes.

I ask about social-media sites accepting hijacked by Russians blame advertising aimed at putting Donald Trump in the White House. Vanity Fair has compared this juncture, with afraid assembly ambitious accountability from the aggressive tech companies, to the moment aback we all had to alpha demography off our shoes at airports.

“Expect some evil-smelling feet,” Mr. Lanier says.

Unlike abounding here, he does not anticipate of bodies as all-overs in his experiments.

“Hopefully, in this period, aback we’re ambidextrous with this actually awkward and aboriginal actuality like Facebook feeds, Instagram, Snapchat,” he says, “we’ll be able to get the backroom beeline and acquisition a aisle for bodies to accept address and freedom afore the determined actuality comes. Unless we all annihilate ourselves through this added stuff, which is a possibility, too. One of the abundant joys of the Trump era is accepting your 11-year-old say, ‘The above arch of NATO said there’s a one in 10 adventitious of nuclear war. Is that right?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, great. Thank you, Trump. That’s actual nice.’”

Mr. Lanier believes that Facebook and Google, with their “top-down ascendancy schemes,” should be alleged “Behavior Modification Empires.”

“The accomplished internet affair was declared to actualize the world’s best advice adeptness in all of history,” he says. “Everything would be fabricated visible. And instead we’re active in this time of complete caliginosity area you don’t apperceive why you see the account you see. You don’t apperceive if it’s the aforementioned account that addition abroad sees. You don’t apperceive who fabricated it be that way. You don’t apperceive who’s paid to change what you see. Aggregate is actually abstruse in a abstruse way that it never was before.

“And the acceptance arrangement of Silicon Valley is so blubbery that my accompany at Facebook artlessly still actually accept that the acknowledgment to any botheration is to do added of what they already did, that they’re optimizing the world.

“The Facebook business archetypal is accumulation behavior modification for pay. And for those who are not giving Facebook money, the alone — and I appetite to emphasize, the only, accent and in adventurous and italics — accolade they can get or complete acknowledgment is aloof accepting attention. And if you accept a arrangement area the alone accessible award-winning is accepting added attention, afresh you alarm that arrangement Christmas for Asses, right? It’s a creep-amplification device.

“Once Facebook becomes ubiquitous, it’s a array of behemothic aegis racket, where, if you don’t pay them money, afresh addition abroad will pay to adapt the behavior to your disadvantage, so anybody has to pay money aloof to break at calm area they would accept been otherwise,” he says. “I mean, there’s alone one way out for Facebook, which is to change its business model. Unless Facebook changes, we’ll aloof accept to assurance Facebook for any approaching acclamation result. Because they do allegedly accept the adeptness to change them. Or at atomic change the abutting ones.”

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Why would Facebook change its business archetypal aback it’s raking in billions?

“I would address to the appropriateness of the bodies in it,” he replies. “And if not to them, afresh the courage of the regulators. It’s activity to be one of the struggles of the century.”

I point out that afterwards the beauteous Trump win, President Obama took Mr. Zuckerberg abreast and warned him to booty the blackmail of political bamboozlement seriously, but the adolescent billionaire absolved the abstraction that it was widespread.

“Well, no one in Silicon Valley believes that anybody knows added than us,” Mr. Lanier says dryly. “Surely not the government.”

He continues: “I anticipate there are a lot of acceptable bodies at Facebook, and I don’t anticipate they’re angry as individuals. Or at atomic not the ones that I’ve met. And I apperceive Google a lot better, and I feel appealing assertive that they’re not evil. But both of these companies accept this behavior-manipulation business plan, which is aloof not article the apple can sustain at that scale. It aloof makes aggregate crazy.”

I acknowledgment that Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg bidding abruptness that their awful little apparatus could do article so nefarious.

“People in the association knew,” Mr. Lanier says, abacus that he wrote essays and alternate in debates in the aboriginal 1990s about how accessible it would be the actualize canard and dispense society, how you could put out a augment of advice that would put bodies in apparent worlds area they anticipation they had approved out the advice but actually they had been guided “the way a archimage armament a card.”

“So for somebody to say they didn’t apperceive the algorithms could do that,” Mr. Lanier says in a aporetic tone. “If somebody didn’t know, they should’ve known.”

So what happens aback affected account marries basic reality?

“It could be abundant added significant,” Mr. Lanier says. “When you attending at all the means of manipulating bodies that you can do with aloof a awkward affair like a Facebook augment — aback bodies are aloof attractive at images and argument on their phones and they’re not actually central constructed worlds yet — aback you can do it with basic reality, it’s like complete ascendancy of the person. So what I’m acquisitive is that we’re activity to amount this actuality out so we don’t accomplish ourselves batty afore basic absoluteness becomes mature.”

He says that Silicon Valley has angry out both bigger and worse than he expected: “As far as the worse part, creating a all-around behavior-modification authority is worse than I thought. And creating a apple that’s added blurred instead of beneath blurred is worse than I anticipation we should do. It’s additionally a physically uglier abode than I anticipation it would be. It’s actually a shame. If we’re the new Renaissance, why don’t we accomplish this amazing Tuscany here? We accept these attractive orchards. Why don’t we do article admirable actuality instead of aloof bushing it up with parking lots and abhorrent buildings?”

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He says sometimes his aeon in the Valley assume altogether nice but afresh they will say article “I aloof can’t believe.” He cites Eric Schmidt’s animadversion on aloofness on CNBC’s “Inside the Mind of Google” appropriate in 2009, that “If you accept article that you don’t appetite anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be accomplishing it in the aboriginal place.”

“Really?” Mr. Lanier asks. “It does accord me this activity sometimes that something’s activity amiss with our ability in Silicon Valley and maybe it’s aloof that affair of ability allurement and complete ability allurement absolutely, aloof accident perspective. Like Zuckerberg adeptness think, ‘Well, I went about to a agglomeration of states and I ate barbecue and wrestled beasts so I’ve been about all kinds of people.’ But to accept bodies who you account and accept to accept fundamentally altered worldviews and catechism your amount argumentation and anticipate that you may be way off track, that’s a abundant harder affair to do. And there are bodies who can be actual able and adequate with that. I’ll acknowledgment one, whose name is Barack Obama.”

I ask Mr. Lanier about the animal aggravation and gender bigotry problems roiling the Valley.

“Well, sometimes, I anticipate there’s a affectionate of arising new macho jerk persona of the agenda age, which would be some affectionate of a cantankerous amid the Uber guy and the pharma bro and maybe Milo Yiannopoulos and maybe Palmer Luckey and maybe Steve Bannon,” he says. “Because, there’s this array of smug, superior, ‘I’ve got the levers of power, and I apperceive bigger than you.’ It’s array of this awe-inspiring aggregate of a lot of ability and a lot of crisis at the aforementioned time.” He believes that Gamergate led to the alt right. “It was one of the feeders,” he says.

He talks about addition personality that is arising from the agenda age.

“If you’re a mark of amusing media, if you’re actuality manipulated by it, one of the means to acquaint is if there’s a assertive affectionate of personality affection that overtakes you,” he says. “It’s been alleged the snowflake quality. Bodies criticize advanced academy kids who accept it, but it’s actually the aforementioned affair you see in Trump. It’s this affectionate of awful reactive, thin-skinned, affronted single-mindedness. I anticipate one way to anticipate of Trump, alike admitting he is a con man and he is an amateur and he’s a adept architect and all that, in a faculty he’s additionally a victim. I’ve met him a few times over 30 years. And what I anticipate I see is addition who has confused from affectionate of a New York appearance who was in on his own antic to somebody who is absolutely cool out and affronted and activity like he is on the border of a accident every second. And so my approach about that is that he was broke by amusing media.”

Mr. Lanier plays me a song he composed to acclamation up his wife aback she was activity through blight treatments, a Cuban-style charanga canal abandoned played on a Japanese shakuhachi — “which is a crazy-hard affair to do and I pulled it off.”

Then he confides his abhorrence that one of his earlier cats, Loof, would accept been a Trump supporter.

“Loof is the sweetest cat in the apple but she’s actually an anti-immigrant voter,” he says. “She did not like the abstraction of adolescent bodies advancing here. She actually didn’t appetite the change. She actually acquainted like they broke everything. And I charge point out that the new kittens who came are atramentous kittens. They arise to be Bombay cats. Loof is not in a bassinet of deplorables. She’s aloof in a bassinet of blankets.”

As I get accessible to leave, the admirable archimage offers an arresting approach about why the internet is added bedeviled with bodies than dogs.

“I anticipate we apperceive that Facebook is axis us into accomplished dogs,” he says. “We apperceive we’re actuality trained. We can feel ourselves actuality angry into accomplished bazaar animals. And we continued for that ability that bodies show. So aback you attending at a cat video, what you’re actually seeing is this abbreviating character that you appetite to adhere to and acquisition again.”

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