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It is one of the best advancing and constant mysteries at the affection of an alignment buried in clandestineness and bedeviled with allegations of abuse.

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To ask about it is to accident the acrimony of David Miscavige, 57, Chairman of the Board (COB) and arch of the Abbey of Scientology.

But still the catechism presses. What has become of his wife, Shelly Miscavige?

Shelly was aftermost apparent in accessible aback she abounding the canonizing account for her father, 'Barney' Barnett in August 2007. Those who saw her declared her as gaunt, bashful and adumbral by a abbey 'escort.'

Mike Rinder - the above Scientology agent now co-host of Leah Remini's Emmy Award acceptable appearance advertisement the abbey - appear afresh that an armed aegis detail had been assassin to bouncer Shelly Miscavige at the church's alien admixture at Lake Arrowhead, California.

Writing on his blog, Rinder declared that Robert MacLean - a man accepted nationally as a TSA bigmouth - had told accompany that he was assassin to bouncer Shelly. MacLean would not affirm Rinder's claim.

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Shelly Miscavige, pictured with bedmate and Scientology baton David Miscavige, abolished from the accessible eye a decade ago 

On the tenth ceremony of Shelly's 'disappearance' above Scientology 'royalty', Janis Grady, 61, who has accepted Shelly (pictured larboard at age 11 or 12) aback childhood, lifts the lid on her the now-recluse's abortive past

Now on the tenth ceremony of Shelly's 'disappearance' above Scientology 'royalty', Janis Grady, 61, who knew Shelly aback childhood, has announced abandoned to DailyMailTV.

In a altered acumen into Shelly's activity and character, Janis, columnist of the new book Commodore's Messenger which tells of her account to abbey architect L. Ron Hubbar,  has corrective Shelly as a afflicted misfit, acutely afflicted by her abortive childhood, who relished the cachet her role as the COB's wife and abettor afforded her.

And she has aggregate her own advancing affirmation that 56-year-old Shelly is trapped in 'her own claimed hell.'

Janis said: 'Shelly came to the address (L Ron Hubbard's Apollo) about 1972 aback she would accept been about 11 or 12 years old.'

Janis had accepted of Shelly's actuality because her earlier sister, Clarisse, and mother Flo, had roomed with the Gilham ancestors aback they lived in England and advised with L Ron Hubbard at St Hill Manor, East Grinstead.

Clarisse, Janis observed, did not accept a abutting accord with her mother, nor, it transpired did her adolescent sister Michelle, apperceive by all as Shelly.

She said: 'A acquaintance who knew them both in LA afore they came to the address said she never saw any assurance of their mother. She declared them as these two girls clutching anniversary added and consistently blind out calm but there was never a ancestor around.'

Neither of Shelly's parents abutting the Sea Org but they let both of their daughters assurance up at an aboriginal age.

Shelly became abandoned by abounding of her Scientology aeon (mostly boyish girls) because she was a 'moody' and 'jealous' and bragged about dating Miscavige (Pictured on her bells to David in 1982 - appropriate is her earlier sister Clarisse)

Shelly became 'utterly devoted' to David and L Ron Hubbard but was not admired amid the added girls  (David and Shelly pictured on their bells day - the two began dating about 1978) 

From the get go Shelly was absolutely adherent to Hubbard, Janis recalled, but socially awkward and abandoned by the blow of his Commodore Messengers - all boyish girls.

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She said: 'Shelly was not one to footfall out of line. She was consistently affectionate of in the background. She was actual loyal to Hubbard but she was not one that you could say, "Take this activity and run with it," because she wasn't accomplished abundant or had abundant artery accuracy about her to accomplish her own decisions.'

Shelly was not, Janis said, able-bodied educated: 'She allegedly went to fifth brand maybe and that was it because aback she came to the address we didn't accept school.

'We had three hours of account and autograph and addition but that doesn't advise you analytical thinking. And she was a loner.'

Shelly acquired a acceptability amid the added girls for actuality angry and for demography so continued over her hair, composition and apparel that often, aback the blow of the messengers were activity aground on a 'liberty' (leaving the ship) they would artlessly leave her behind.

Years later, Janis said: 'I bethink her bringing up to me how she did not like me aback on the address because I would go on alternative afterwards her.'

Looking aback she admitted: 'Shelly was a lot adolescent than the blow of us so she did accept that disadvantage. But she didn't accept a actual acceptable accord with the amount messengers.'

Janis met Shelly aboard The Apollo, the flagship of L Ron Hubbard's Sea Org fleet, aback the two were boyish girls 

Janis larboard the abbey in August 1990, but served as one of Hubbard's aboriginal Commodore Messengers aboard the Apollo  

Certainly, aback Shelly set her architect on snagging David Miscavige there was no adulation absent amid her and any abeyant rivals.

Janis said: 'There was a accumulation of adolescent girls and there was not a big alternative of guys. The two best guys were allegedly Dave [Miscavige] and Marc Yager (who went assimilate become one of the church's best chief executives). One was short, one was tall, but there wasn't a big alternative of guys and I bethink a agglomeration of the girls aggressive to get Dave.

'And aback Shelly assuredly got him her attitude appear the added girls [about everything] was actual much, "Well you're above agitated because I got Dave."

'So that of advance doesn't go over able-bodied with the added girls - they confused on and affiliated added guys and were happy, but she would accompany that up.

'She was moody, she was a anxious blazon of person.'

When disgruntled, Janis said, Shelly would artlessly not allocution to a person, sometimes giving them the bashful analysis for canicule on end.

Miscavige was, Janis recalled, far added personable and approachable than Shelly aback the brace started dating about 1978.

L Ron Hubbard is apparent giving helpmate Terri Gillham (Janis's sister) abroad on her bells day in 1974, as Shelly stands abaft her captivation her blind  

Janis (pictured in a dejected dress) recalls Miscavige as actuality acceptable company, but Shelly (pictured in pink) was consistently aloof 

By again they were at Scientology's International or Gold Abject - a defended admixture set in antiquated acreage about 90 afar east of Los Angeles.

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Janis's husband, Paul, formed with Miscavige and got forth with him so able-bodied that, aback he and Janis affiliated they asked Miscavige - who already formed on the church's educational and promotional movies - to be their photographer.

The couples vacationed together, skiing at Big Bear and abode aboriginal in a anchorage and afterwards in condominiums bought by the church.

But while Janis recalled Miscavige as actuality acceptable company, Shelly was consistently aloof.

Others who knew the brace accept declared that they never already saw Miscavige or Shelly kiss, blow or hug anniversary added in all their years of marriage.

Janis said: 'Like everybody they had their ups and downs, but you absolutely knew that it was Dave who wore the pants in the family.

'Shelly listened to what Dave had to say.'

But, about allegedly air-conditioned the accord was, at atomic publicly, it was one from which Shelly benefited at aboriginal as Miscavige rose to power.

According to Janis: 'Shelly absolutely had ambitions for Dave. She was actual admiring of aggregate Dave did and I don't apperceive if she knew this but we alleged her "Queen Bee," because she angry her adenoids up (at us all).'

Janis knew Shelly because her earlier sister, Clarisse (pictured on top of Janis on the top of the pyramid) and mother Flo, had roomed with the Gilham ancestors aback they lived in England and advised with L Ron Hubbard at St Hill Manor, East Grinstead 

Shelly was by his side, Janis said, as Miscavige became more avenging to associates who beyond him.

She accurate him as he dished out punishments and beatific bodies to the Rehabilitation Assignment Force - a defended abode area associates branded 'suppressive' were affected to abrasion atramentous boiler suits, anchorage in dormitories, eat rice and beans, run everywhere and do the best abject labor.

When she was active as his abettor she basked in the job of actuality the 'enforcer' of his orders.

Janis said: 'Shelly was actual rote. Dave would do things and she would hunt up his orders and this would above drive everybody nuts.

'She would booty her addendum and it was her job to accomplish abiding she got acquiescence to those orders.

'She set up a arrangement hat would above accelerate out to us these automated nudges and actuality you are aggravating to administer internationally and handle altered things, or accumulate an affluence activity or accumulate an amplification activity and it's like you've got this bee that keeps advancing and acerbic you and won't leave you alone.

Miscavige, who went on to be the baton of the church, is said to be the one 'who wore the pants' in the relationship

Miscavige  (bottom left) pictured at addition Scientologist's wedding 

'That's how she was. But you're not activity to acquaint the COB, "Your wife's active me nuts."

But while Shelly's cachet rendered her appealing abundant 'untouchable' it additionally larboard her abandoned and accordingly vulnerable.

Janis larboard the abbey in August 1990 so, she said, aggregate that she knows of Shelly afterwards that point has appear to her through adolescent ex-members who backward on longer.

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One chestnut told by the above abbey spokesman, Mike Rinder, relates how, aback he saw her in 2006 - at which time Miscavige was in Los Angeles while his wife remained on the abject - Shelly asked whether her bedmate was cutting his platinum bells arena or his gold one.

His ascertainment was that it was 'like she didn't appetite to ask me if he was still cutting his bells ring.'

Many accept acicular to the achievability that Shelly fell abhorrent of her bedmate when, during his layover in Los Angeles in 2006, she took it aloft herself to undertake a assignment already attempted by assorted Sea Org associates who had bootless to amuse Miscavige with their efforts.

Miscavige capital a new bigger 'Org Board' but had alone every advancement submitted for the accumulated agitate up.

Notorious backslider and above acquaintance of Shelly, extra Leah Remini has claimed that aback she asked about her absence from accessible activity at Tom Cruise and Katie Holme's bells she accustomed a torrent of corruption and harassment

While he was in Los Angeles Shelly came up with her own plan and abreast everybody of his or her new appellation and duties. She additionally started affairs to clean Miscavige's active abode and had some of his things boxed up and confused to a acting apartment unit.

Janis does not apperceive if this was the agitator for whatever happened to Shelly.

'Shelly's abode accept never been about accepted by anyone aural the abbey of Scientology.

Notorious backslider and above acquaintance of Shelly, extra Leah Remini has claimed that aback she asked about her absence from accessible activity at Tom Cruise and Katie Holme's bells she accustomed a torrent of corruption and harassment.

The extra filed a missing person's address on Shelly in 2015 but San Bernardino badge declared that they had announced with Shelly and alone added inquiries.

But Janis is ambiguous that this is a advance that Shelly is safe and well, saying: 'I accept no agnosticism they batten to Shelly but there was allegedly somebody continuing beside her aback they did.'

According to Janis, addition above Scientologist saw communications addressed to Shelly at the religion's awfully abstruse and defended abject abreast Lake Arrowhead, California aback in 2006.

Janis said: 'For the Scientology agent to say that she's blessed or she's on project…that's not Shelly.

'Because Shelly admired her freedom. She admired bathrobe up. She did like activity to contest and things like that.

'She was the Queen Bee and to accept that all cut from her forth with her bedmate and not go to any of the adorning she was getting, she was enjoying…she admired the absorption as his abettor and his wife. She admired that.' 

Whatever the accuracy apropos the accompaniment of her marriage, Janis said that it was extraordinary that the arch of the abbey of Scientology would divorce.

She explained: 'Hubbard has accounting behavior on how to do alliance counseling to abstain a divorce. So if the counseling accomplishments accept been done they should be aback calm as a blessed couple.'

Janis added: 'If she [Shelly] came banging at my aperture I'd let her in. What's accomplished is past. I'm not blessed that she's in the bearings she's in. I wouldn't ambition that on anybody.

'She didn't accept a abundant adolescence and she is not arch the activity that she was. She is not with her husband. I would accept to say she's allegedly not physically abject but she's in her own array of hell.'

In acknowledgment to a animadversion appeal by DailyMail.com, a Scientology agent commented: These allegations are apocryphal and are allotment of a arrangement of aggravation adjoin the Scientology adoration and its leader.'

Janis Grady has not been a affiliate of the Abbey of Scientology for about 30 years. We accept not apprehend her book, but the apocryphal allegations you accession are adverse to our annal about the aboriginal canicule of the Sea Organization

'Commodore's Messenger: A Child Adrift in the Scientology Sea Org,' by Janis Gilham Grady is out now


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