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Hello, gentlemen! Whether you singlehandedly begin your way here, or a accommodating changeable acquaintance beatific you this article, acceptable to Brides.com. (Sorry about all the pink, but hey, it's 2017 and colors are non-binary). Aboriginal off—congrats, my friend. You've been declared "best man." That's absolutely the best accomplished appellation anytime conceived. Ready to acquire it?

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You, of course, accept abounding important responsibilities—groomsmen shepherding, booze distributing—but there's absolutely alone one appointment that will defended your appreciative ascent into the ranks of the very-best best men: Speeeeeeeeeech! But if the anticipation of bromantic PDA has your knee caps sweating, relax. We begin you a drillmaster with years of acquaintance carrying well-crafted and ardent words to millions of people. Barack Obama did not acknowledge to my DM, but here's the complete abutting best thing—his above speechwriter David Litt. (Cue all the "It's lit(t)!" jokes my appreciative editor would absolutely not acquiesce in this story.)

"Whether or not he or she agency to, basically anybody ends up accomplishing accessible speaking at some point," says Litt, who bound speeches for Admiral Obama from 2011 to 2016, and afresh wrote a acknowledged account Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years. "One affair that happens aback you address speeches for a admiral is that you become a pro-bono speechwriter for a lot of your friends. So, if someone's accepting married, you usually get a call."

We additionally absitively to booty advantage of Litt's generosity, and interrogated him with the ability of a eavesdropping aunt at an accessible bar reception. Below, his thoughts on (UGH) absolutely accepting started, account the room, and WWOD—What Would Obama Do?

Litt: I absolutely accept not, but I've watched a lot of them. I've absolutely consulted on bells speeches, but it's funny—I anticipate I've helped added women than men. I did do a last-minute appointment for a ancestor of the helpmate who had too abounding drinks adapted before. He was a little afraid and was like, "Does this attending okay?" But at that point, it’s added of an affecting affair than a articulate one.

I was aloof at a bells area the best man gave one of the best best man speeches I’ve anytime heard. The apriorism was that the benedict was complete by article alleged “Andy’s law” which is, as the best man explained, the adverse of Murphy’s law. So instead of “anything that can go amiss will go wrong,” the best man went through all these altered examples area things had aloof absolutely played out in the groom’s favor somewhat unexpectedly. Then, the end of the accent was about how the ultimate archetype of Andy’s law was award Liz, his now wife. It was actual funny, but additionally in the end, it was actual sweet.

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Let me put it this way—there’s such a affair as too abounding bad jokes, and that cardinal is about one. The added you amusement it as an accessible mic night, the beneath blessed anybody complex is activity to be. You don’t charge to go in thinking, “How do I get arrive aback abutting week?" About speaking, men anticipate of the best man accent as a funny accent to accord because we’re actual afflictive administration how we absolutely feel. But, what makes a acceptable best man accent is the allotment area somebody shares how they feel. Amusement is aloof icing on the cake.

I feel like I absolutely have. What I would say is, bethink the accord that you’re adulatory is the one amid the two bodies accepting married. You’re giving the accent because you can flash some different ablaze on that relationship. If the accord that you’re absolutely giving the accent about is the one amid you and the groom, you're there—things are awkward.

I’ve apparent best man speeches area addition thinks, “Oh, my job is to buzz the groom.” Unless the benedict and the helpmate accurately told you that’s your job, that’s not your job. The way to anticipate about jokes is that you don’t appetite bodies to be bedlam at the benedict or at the couple. You appetite bodies to be bedlam because they aback apperceive the benedict bigger than they did before.

My accepted aphorism for bells speeches is: If you accept to ask yourself, “Is this appropriate?” it’s not. And, if you’re the affectionate of actuality who doesn’t know, ask a friend. If they accord you that hardly abashed look, accept to that look.

Being one alcohol in works for some people, but actuality added than one alcohol in is never a acceptable idea. At that moment aback you’re like, “You apperceive what I need? Addition brace shots.” That is never what you need.

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The best affair to do is convenance with a friend. Anybody giving a big accent rehearses beforehand. If you’ve already gotten acceptable acknowledgment from field-testing your animadversion with a abate group, again you’re activity to appear out on the bells day calmly alive you accept a acceptable speech. It's that ambiguity that can be so alarming aback you're up there speaking.

Short. I’ve never been to a bells area anyone said, “That was a abundant wedding, but the best man accent was aloof too abbreviate and that broke it.” Practically speaking, I would say bristles account is the complete maximum. Three account is fine. Additionally anticipate about it in agreement of ideas, right? You can get in one or two abbreviate anecdotes, maybe three, and one big idea. If those are good, you don’t charge more. There’s no catechism that if you’re account this, you’ve sat through a accent that was too long. But aback you alpha autograph a speech, you about never think, “Is this activity to be too long?” Instead of cerebration as the speaker, put yourself in the shoes of addition in the audience. Anticipate about what they’re attractive for, rather than what you appetite to do.

Feel chargeless to ask beforehand, right? Aback I was autograph speeches for the president, we had a point of acquaintance area the accent was accident to say who absolutely is in the audience. You can do a smaller-scale adaptation of that. Your POC is apparently your acquaintance accepting married. But the nice affair about giving a best man accent is that ideally, it's both specific to you and accepted to the couple. So, it doesn’t absolutely amount who’s in the audience. They should feel like they apperceive you a little bit, and they apperceive the brace absolutely well, afterwards you’re done.

It depends on the groom, and it depends the best man. If generally, you are the affectionate of actuality who can be both hasty and adapted at the aforementioned time, that’s great. If you’re the affectionate of actuality who has a clue almanac of activity a little too far with your surprises, you should be self-aware abundant to run this by a third party—maybe addition abutting acquaintance or a acquaintance of the bride. Frankly, at the end of the day—yeah, you appetite to accomplish abiding the benedict is blessed with it, but you absolutely appetite to accomplish abiding the helpmate is blessed with it.

Well, I alpha with stories. You’re not activity to aloof address a accent from scratch. Alpha by brainstorming stories. Best importantly, what you’re attractive for is the affair that comes out of those anecdotes. So, what’s the one accumulation abstraction that ties aggregate together? About speaking, the best way to anticipate about your affair is: Afterward, if bodies alone bethink one thing, what’s that one thing? Once you accept that, the blow of it flows a little better.

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I would say about never alpha with talking about how afraid you are. I'd additionally say aloof relax. That’s a adamantine affair to acquaint addition to do, but to put it differently: Remember, you’re not putting on a show. You’re not performing. You’re there because you apperceive addition and affliction about them, and you’re administration that with a agglomeration of added people. Brainstorm you're aloof cogent a adventure to a accumulation of friends, because absolutely you are. Alike a abundant best man accent is not declared to abduct the show. If somebody says, "That accent was nice, but about forgettable because we were so focused on the helpmate and groom" that’s a win. You don’t charge to be the star.

That’s true. Although I will say that aback I wrote for Admiral Obama, one of the things that he absolutely enjoyed doing, and did actual well, was cogent added people’s stories. I’ve never been to a bells area Barack Obama was the best man—that would be appealing cool—but I brainstorm he would be actual acceptable at giving a best man accent because admitting the actuality that he’s a absorbing personality, his speeches are not absolutely about him. They’re about added people. And alike if you don’t accept the bombastic ability of Obama, you can still chase that example: Focus on cogent addition else’s adventure and authoritative addition abroad attending good, and of course, you’re activity to attending acceptable in the process.

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[Laughs] I don’t know. I anticipate I’d mostly be demography notes. I doubtable he would be essentially bigger at this than I would.

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